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The Latest Trend In Miss America cut its swimsuit competition: Gretchen Carlson

Miss America Organization said Scraps Swimsuit Competition no longer judge in 2019

Miss America organization will be decided to no longer judge a swimsuit competition based on their physical aspect. “Gretch Carlson” announced on 5 June 2018 episode of Good Morning America.
Gretch Carlson – Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson is Carlson has crowned the 1989 Miss America while representing her native state of Minnesota, an American television commentator and author and the chairwoman of the Miss America board of directors.

Goodbay Swimsuit, Hello brains – the Miss America procession is getting a makeover.

Miss America Organization aim inclusive and transparent miss America Competition. And I want to motivate thousands of young people across this country to come and be a part of this program because we want you and we want to celebrate your performance and your talents and then we want to hand you crowned.”

All you Know about Miss America-2019: Gretch Carlson

According to Board of Director “Miss America Organization” Gretch Carlson’s women who may not feel comfortable joining in our program before, but look, we have always had talent and reward, and we need to good message that part of the Miss America Program better as well but now we’re adding in this year new category where we’re not going to judge swimsuit competition. you on your outward aspect because we’re interested in what makes you, and your Talent.