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Lady Gaga delighted the crowd when she performed Shallow from A Star is Born: ENIGMA

Audience members instantly half-tracked songs and costumes on social media as Gaga floated onto the stage (over Katy Perry) within the Park Theater of the Monte Carlo building.

Just hours earlier the singer had free Associate in Nursing intriguing anime preview of Enigma with a Gaga avatar (up top).

“What’s happening to me?” the Gaga avatar asks within the preview clip before Associate in Nursing alien creature responds: “Hello Gaga.” The preview seems to resurrect PetGa, Associate in Nursing “alien” interface of Associate in The using app that generated users’ auras that appeared aboard Gaga’s 2013 ArtPop album. The scene is recreated and swollen on stage within the Enigma debut.

The show rocked the highlights of the clip, compounding anime with the cyber alien, topped off with borg-like location costumes, killer choreography and Gaga vocals.
The Born this fashion star conjointly rocked a black bodysuit that was embellished with silver foil and large shoulder pads, whereas in Associate in Nursingother look she sported a black PVC cat suit with an lime inexperienced ruffle coat.

In a nod to her alter-ego’s alien birth, Gaga Saturday in an exceedingly large egg that was suspended from the ceiling before taking to the stage to perform a high-octane dance together with her ‘little monster’ cortege.

Concert In Vegas Residency The songster performed a number of her greatest hits including: the sting of Glory, Dance within the Dark, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, Poker Face, Applause, Paparazzi. Just hours before her metropolis residency dubbed Enigma kicks off, girl Gaga gave fans a sneak peek with a brand new teaser. But Gaga simply could have outdone herself at the curtain raising of her “Enigma” residency at the Park MGM in metropolis weekday. As she hovered in an exceedingly wire-strung harness, KISS/P!nk-style, higher than the five,200-capacity crowd — including sensation fans Katy Perry, Dave Grohl, Adam Lambert, and Jeremy Renner — sporting a mirrorball-reflective leotard and geometric baby-blue wig, she digitate a keytar and Panax quinquefolius her breakthrough 2008 hit, “Just Dance.”

One will solely hope that Gaga recreates this epic entrance once she inevitably sails up to the arena to gather her A Star Is Born trophies at next year’s Golden Globes and Academy Awards. And one also can hope that Gaga wears that silver beaded leotard — or another one in all her Vegas costumes designed by her younger sister Natali Germanotta, a ‘90s club-kid/cyberpunk PVC onesie with nuclear-green lacing, matching misshapenness boots, and a inert gas feathered coat — to those awards ceremonies yet.