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Kamala Harris officially launches 2020 presidential campaign Slogan:

Kamala Harris’ background as a prosecuting attorney has formed her 1st 2 years within the U.S. Senate, and he or she plays off it in her campaign locution, “For the folks.’’

That theme was a frequent point throughout Sunday’s 35-minute address in her native urban center, like once the primary feminine professional general in California history same, “In my whole life I’ve solely had one consumer, the people.’’
But as she launched her drive for the presidency with a rally before of hall, Harris switched from prosecuting attorney mode to politician, firing up a crowd of many thousand folks with galvanized words she hopes can play well on the far side her town.

Harris vowed to fight for Medicare for all, racial justice, universal pre-kindergarten education, women’s rights and a lower-middle-class tax cut, that she same would be paid by reversing the giveaways granted to prime earners by the Republican tax arrange approved in Gregorian calendar month 2017.

And, of course, Harris took thinly veiled shots at President Donald Trump, whose name wasn’t mentioned once in her speech however whose presence loomed sort of a big blimp.

“We area unit here as a result of the ambition and our yankee democracy area unit vulnerable and on the road like ne’er before,’’ Harris same. “And we tend to area unit here at this moment in time as a result of we tend to should answer a elementary question: ‘Who area unit we tend to? World Health Organization area unit we as Americans?’ thus, let’s answer that question to the globe and every alternative, right here and right now: ‘America, we tend to area unit higher than this.’’’
Without mentioning Trump, the California legislator decried leaders World Health Organization attack a public press and alternative democratic establishments whereas fanning the flames of division and discord. She noted the deadly attack at a counter-demonstration against white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, and to last October’s massacre at a city place of worship as ironic with the country’s values.

Instead she targeted on the necessity for unity at a time once the state is deeply polarized, difference of opinion that whereas Americans have variations in ideology, race, and quality, they ought to unite to tackle their common challenges.
Speaking before a large American flag before of Oakland’s hall, Harris was enclosed by big screens that alternated pictures of the group with an image of her campaign logo—”Kamala Harris for the People”—and letter of invitation that supporters text “Fearless” to a campaign variety so as to indicate their support.

“My heart is full at once,” she same as she came on stage. “I am thus proud to be a girl of urban center California,” she same referencing the Civil Rights policy of her oldsters — immigrants from India and Jamaica World Health Organization came in “pursuit of a dream.” “The fight for justice is everyone’s responsibility.”
And addressing Trump’s immigration policies, as well as his need for a border wall that she noted as “the president’s medieval vainness project,’’ she said: “When we’ve got youngsters in cages crying for his or her mothers and fathers, don’t you dare decision that border security. That’s a personality’s rights abuse. And that’s not our America.’’

Harris’ campaign control the rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Harris spent her childhood together with her mother and sister in Berkeley. The family emotional in her middle and highschool years to urban center when her mother got a medical analysis job there, however several of the speakers created allusions to her urban center roots.
Among them was urban center civil authority Libby Schaaf, World Health Organization same she determined to endorse the California legislator as a result of “she has the foremost unimaginable sturdy character.”
In associate interview with CNN before the rally, Schaaf, World Health Organization shares constant political consultants because the California legislator, referred to as Harris “the right candidate for this moment in yankee history.”

“Oakland may be a place that positively tests folks,” Schaaf same. “But it conjointly has the correct values, values that honor diversity… after you come back up in urban center, you are a fighter, and you are a fighter for the correct things.”
Early in her speech Sunday, Harris directly addressed a number of the criticism she has featured from progressives regarding her record as {district professional|DA|prosecutor|public prosecutor|prosecuting officer|prosecuting attorney} of urban center and later attorney general of California.

As she did on her book tour in early Gregorian calendar month, Harris wanted to introduce her record to voters as that of a “progressive prosecuting attorney,” one World Health Organization determined that she might do a lot of to repair injustices, significantly against folks of color, from inside the system.

A week when facing a brutal dissembling of her record in an exceedingly ny Times op-ed piece by University of urban center associate law prof Lara Bazelon, World Health Organization is that the former director of the St. Ignatius of Loyola grad school Project for the Innocent, Harris revived her efforts to border herself as somebody World Health Organization tried to fight for a “more honest criminal justice system” from inside.

Harris noted that she began her career as a young prosecuting attorney blocks from the spot wherever she was saying her presidential campaign (and that it absolutely was there, at the Alameda seat, wherever she 1st spoke the words — “Kamala Harris, for the people” — words that area unit currently her 2020 slogan).

“I knew our criminal justice system was deeply imperfect,” she said. “I knew that the folks in our society World Health Organization area unit most frequently targeted by predators also are most frequently the voiceless and vulnerable. and that i believed then as I do currently, that nobody ought to be left to fight alone.”
Despite recent passage of criminal justice reform legislation, she same the changes have come back too slowly.

“Let’s speak the reality that too several unarmed black men and ladies area unit killed in America. Too several black and brown Americans area unit secured up. From mass captivity to money bail to policing, our criminal justice system wants forceful repair.”

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, she conjointly same that she prosecuted sex offense cases as “a fight not simply against predators, however a fight against silence and stigma.”
Referencing her work on lapse, she same that “at a time once hindrance and redemption weren’t within the vocabulary or mind-set of most district attorneys. we tend to created associate initiative to induce skills and job coaching rather than jail time for teenagers in remission for medicine.”
After Harris became professional general of California, several criminal justice advocates within the state were foiled that she didn’t take a a lot of active role to advocate for ballot measures and legislation dynamic California’s 3 strikes law, despite the fact that she had been a robust critic of the cruel sentencing penalties before she was electoral. She conjointly took heat for spoken language that she would defend California’s corporal punishment despite the fact that she was in person hostile it.
Earlier in her career in 2004, Harris featured a robust blowback once she determined to not ask for the corporal punishment for the killer of urban center policeman Isaac Espinoza.

While specializing in her plans for class tax credits and Medicare-for-All on Sunday, Harris was sharply important of the Trump administration’s record in terms of serving to average Americans and other people of color.

“When yankee families area unit barely living payroll check to payroll check, what’s this administration’s response?” the California legislator asked. “Their response is to undertake to require away health care from innumerable families. Their response is to present away a trillion greenbacks to the largest companies during this country. And their response is in charge immigrants because the supply of all our issues.”

She added that there’s a full generation of usa citizens “living with the sinking worry that they will not do similarly as their oldsters.”