69th Annual Savannah Greek Festival 2019

69th Annual Savannah Greek Festival of tradition and smart reminiscences to create on, this event are going to be higher than last year’s. The annual pageant can feature home-cured Greek foods, Greek desserts, Greek saltation, Greek music, church tours, market place, so rather more throughout the three-day celebration of Greek food, music and heritage. Hosted within the St. Paul’s Hellenic Center, our 3 day pageant attracts thousands of holiday makers every year. These guests come back to relish the food, shopping, music, saltation and atmosphere of the Greek culture.

It takes 20-to-30 folks simply to homework the pastry. “The biggest factor is shifting a home-cured formula, a family formula that came around from Ellas a few years past, from a family size portion to a pageant size portion,” aforementioned Danos. “You ought to increase everything by fifty or one hundred times. that’s a touch difficult. after you cross-check a pan of spanakopita, the quantity of ingredients square measure typical, however once you’re doing 100 and sixty pans of it, it takes plenty of ingredients.”

Some of the foremost in style dishes within the past were pastry, dolmades, and spanakopita. The food will go quick, therefore try and get some whereas you’ll be able to. “It looks like there’s one thing totally different every year that we tend to run out of 1st,” aforementioned Danos. “In these previous couple of years we’ve been running out of everything. It’s simply a matter of once.”

Savannah Greek Festival 2019

Join us October 10, 11, 12
11:00 am – 9:00 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Free Admission Thursday and Friday until 4pm
$2.00 Donation after 4pm

For recreation, ancient Greek music can play unceasingly all day, and 3 totally different dance troupes can perform throughout the 3 days: a children’s cluster (Ta Pethia), a teenaged cluster (Goya) and a seasoned adult cluster (Zoe).

Shoppers can buy hard-to-find Greek things like cheeses, olive oil, coffee, and grape leaves at the Bakaliko (Greek grocery store), or purchase gifts at the Agora (market place) like jewellery, cook books, spiritual things, and even a Greek sailor’s hat.

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday, October 9
for Pick up ON FESTIVAL DAYS at West Henry Lane.
Call us at (912) 236-8256 or Fax us at (912) 236-7321 OR place your order online and know more about festival visit official website-savannahgreekfest
Times for Pick up Orders:
Thur – Sat, 11am to 2pm
Times for Inside Dining:
Thur, Fri, Sat 11am to 9pm
Combos available on all Festival days 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 9pm