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Must Read Fact of Middle Finger Under Lipstick Why They Do This

Indian Girls Are Showing ‘Middle Finger Under Lipstick’ & Asking Haters To TAKE THAT

“Don’t clothe like that, don’t rest like that, do not chat like that, do not assume like that Middle Finger Under Lipstick”. A proclaim to all independent women, who use self-confidence as their long-term clothing, below’s a project to eliminate all such DO N’Ts.


Directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha‘ is an Indian movie that speaks of the pulsating spirit of disobedience. The upcoming film delve into the secret life of 4 ladies who are informed to suppress their sexuality as Middle Finger Under Lipstick. According to the Central Board of Film Accreditation, the movie is woman driven as well as concentrates on their dream above life. “They state a woman must marry in her 20s, they say a girl could not take her father’s legacy ahead, they claim she could not ride a bike; well I claim, TAKE THAT!”

Take a look at these clicks and the solid emotions which each of theirs’ captions share. I make certain every lady would certainly relate to this tale as well as ultimately you’ll proudly say “Now, TAKE THAT!”

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